The Problems With Steam Cleaning


When you want to get the best possible results for rug cleaning Ottawa homeowners have a number of options, including steam cleaning. The process of called steam cleaning may actually not be steam at all, but very hot water with chemicals added. If there is true steaming, it can have negative effects on some carpet fibers. The chemicals added to the water may leave residue in the carpeting and rug fibers. Here are some of the problems associated with steam carpet cleaning.


It can take a long time for moisture laden carpet to fully dry. In fact, the carpet fibers and underlying pad can still be damp after forty-eight hours. In most homes, staying off of carpeted surfaces for two days can create problems for traffic within the home.  If you have a carpeted hallway, for example that leads to the bedrooms or bathrooms, you are likely to have to walk on wet carpet.


Any pets will not recognize that staying out of a specific area is important. This can create even more traffic over damp carpet. Not only will you have your furry friends walking on the carpet that was just cleaned, but you will probably have to go after them in order to herd them back to safe and dry territory.


Every step on damp carpeting mashes down the fibers. When you are trying to refresh your tired carpet fibers, stepping on them will have the opposite effect. Wet carpet, like web hair is likely to be flat and limp. Carpets that are compressed while wet will not spring back as easily.


Another problem with using steam cleaning techniques is that the pressure of the water and steam can actually force dirt and debris deeper into the fibers and carpet backing. You are not removing the dirt, you are just forcing it downward rather than extracting it. The end result is that you have dirt particles with sharp edges cutting the carpet fibers. In addition, since the underlying pad and backing is damp, the dirt is more likely to stick.


Residue from the cleaning compounds mixed with heated water means there is chemical elements which may still be trapped in the fibers and backing. These chemicals have an odor which can be allergenic. The chemical residue can be irritating to skin. If you have small children who play on the carpet, they can suffer uncomfortable or even painful skin damage.


Another problem with steam as a cleaning agent is that the moisture trapped in the carpet fibers and backing can contribute to the growth of mold and mildew. This quickly creates health hazards in humans and pets in the home. Mold and mildew smells bad as well.


Instead of using steam in your next efforts to remove carpet stains and improve the cleanliness of your entire carpet, consider using Chem-Dry professionals instead. They are in and out of the home quickly and the carpet dries within an hour or two. The products used are non-allergenic so safe for children and pets.

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