Cozy up Your Home for the Winter

A warm and cozy home is inviting after spending time in the freezing temperatures outside. There are many simple ways to add comfort to your home during the cooler months. Home decor can truly make a huge difference and can make the time spent indoors more enjoyable.


Read on for some of our favourite tips to warm up any living space.


Prepare your fireplace

Is it truly even winter without a crackling fireplace warming up your room? Fireplaces naturally draw people to them so consider rearranging your furniture with the fireplace being the focal point. If you’re expecting guests over the holidays, add extra seating around the fireplace for additional seating space.


Prior to using your fireplace for the first time, have a professional inspect it to ensure there are no potential fire hazards.


Warm up with warm blankets

Warm blankets can instantly make any room feel cozy. Try draping a blanket over the back or side of your sofa for a nice homely touch. If you prefer a more minimalist look, place some folded blankets in a basket nearby for easy access. Add a blanket at the foot of your bed to give it a hint of warmth for those chilly winter nights.


Winter fabrics are all about texture. Blankets with herringbone, plaid, or tweed patterns add a nice seasonal touch.


Invest in throw pillows

Pair your blankets with some throw pillows. Pile them on your sofa and on your bed for added comfort and coziness. Take it one step further by investing in larger cushions for the floor.


Switch from summer curtains to heavier drapes

Heavier drapes are a great way to add coziness to a room and to help keep drafts out. Heavier textures on the walls tie the room together while keeping the cold out.


Bring out the warm bed linens

Nothing is more comforting than climbing into a warm and inviting bed on a cold winter’s night. Bring out the flannel sheets and the heavy duty duvets and comforters. Add some throw pillows and blankets and get your beauty sleep in luxurious comfort.


Add a rug in the bathroom

Getting out of a warm bed on a cold, dark morning is hard enough. Standing on the cold bathroom floor should not be an option, so cover up the cold tile with a rug and make your mornings a little nicer.

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