The Difference Between Steam and ChemDry Carpet Cleaning

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

There is no doubt that carpets and area rugs bring comfort to any home. Dirty carpets on the other hand can have the opposite effect. Even if carpets don’t look dirty, it’s still important to clean your carpets regularly.

With a few different types of carpet cleaning methods out there, it can be a task in itself to decide which method best suits your needs. Although steam cleaning is quite popular, there are more superior methods of carpet cleaning, such as the ChemDry method, that not only provide you with more thoroughly cleaned carpets, but are also safe and non-toxic to use around kids and pets.

Let’s take a look at the difference between steam and ChemDry carpet cleaning.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning predominantly utilizes water and high temperatures and pressure to clean carpets. It is also known as the Hot Water Extraction method. The steam method uses high pressure to pump the cleaning solution into the carpets and immediately extract it with a vacuum pump.

It is often thought that the hot water will break apart and dissolve the dirt and soils in the few seconds time it takes to clean the area. The high temperature is effective in killing bacteria upon contact.

ChemDry vs steam

The downside of steam cleaning is that the dirt and soils don’t dissolve within the new seconds it takes to clean the area. Additionally, not all of the detergents and solution that get pumped into the carpets are successfully extracted. As a result of the inadequate removal of the dirt, soil, and the solution, carpets may look clean temporarily, but re-soiling is inevitable and the stains re-appear soon after.

Not only can these harsh chemicals cause additional wear on carpets, they can be harmful to children, pets, and even those with breathing sensitivities.

Aside from the inadequate removal of the dirt and solution, steam cleaning uses excessive water to clean carpets, which requires hours, even days, to dry completely. When carpets are wet for such a long period of time, it creates the ideal environment for mold and mildew growth.

The excessive wetness also leads to potential shrinkage or wrinkling of the carpet, not to mention the inconvenience of having to wait for a longer period to time until furniture can be moved back in, or normal traffic can be resumed.

ChemDry Carpet Cleaning

The ChemDry method uses the Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) method. It’s ChemDry’s proprietary method that uses significantly less water (80% less, in fact), low pressure, and uses all-natural, green-certified cleaning products. As a result, the all-natural products are safe to use around children, pets, and those with allergies and asthma.

The process begins by misting on the cleaning agent, appropriately named ‘The Natural™’, and it travels down into the fibers of the carpet and upholstery and begins its carbonation process to break down the dirt and brings everything up to the surface to be extracted and cleaned away forever.

The low pressure method combined with little water and no harsh soaps or detergents, provides a more superior, healthier, and a longer-lasting clean with no sticky residue left behind.

One of the many upsides of a ChemDry carpet cleaning is that carpets will dry in just a couple of hours, which greatly reduces and chance for mold or mildew growth. Carpets will not stretch or become wrinkled because of excessive water. The HCE method emphasizes extraction, so it pulls moisture and soil out of your carpets.

And best of all, the convenience of being able to move furniture back shortly after means you can go back to normal activities much sooner.

With a wide range of green-certified products, get a deeper, healthier clean suited to all your cleaning needs, from carpets, area rugs, and upholstery. Trust ChemDry to give you a professional cleaning.

Steam Cleaning Vs Chem-Dry Cleaning

Monday, April 17th, 2017

Carpet cleaning is a risky and tough job. It also takes a lot of time to clean the carpet and many people do not have enough time for that because of their professional commitments and for any such reason. The best option for these people is to hire professionals to clean the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning is also the best thing for commercial carpets such as those which are present in restaurants, offices and other such places.

Carpet Cleaning Ottawa

Steam Cleaning Vs Chem-Dry Cleaning

Everyone knows the importance of clean carpet to maintain the look of the house, to increase the life of the carpet and most importantly to save your families, kids and other people from dangerous diseases which a dirty carpet can cause. Through professional cleaning you can make sure all these things. There are some very important things which a person should keep in mind while hiring these professionals. Always make sure to check the cleaning license of the company and talk to staff to judge their characters and natures. They should be humble and efficient. The most important thing is that they should be expert in more than one carpet cleaning techniques. Not all the techniques would be as through. Most people are using two types of techniques for this task, Steam cleaning and Chemdry cleaning.

In steam cleaning, people use a very high temperature for the cleaning. They leave the water on the carpet for dust to come up from the deep layer of the carpet and then remove it through shampoo and soaps. This technique removes 70% stains and ducts but it takes too much time for carpet to dry all the water used in this technique.

The other method that has been used is Chemdry. All the big companies in the world are preferring this methods including because of many reasons. In this method there is no use of a lot of water, do not think that it is completely without water but the amount is way to less than any other method. The chemical People use for it are very mind, even there is no use of chemical for Chem-Dry Ottawa are at all. Within 4 to 5 hours, people can move back in to the room without the tension of ruining the cleaning and harmful chemicals.







Get help from the best professional carpet cleaners

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

There are some things that can make your house look really beautiful as well as give it a very classic look, carpets and rugs are one of those things that can completely change the whole look of your house in a good way. You  want to make your house look changed and look beautiful, have some carpets and area rugs in the house. There are so many different patterns and designs that are available in the carpets and rugs. A lot of people like to have dark colored carpets and area rugs in their house because hey do not get dirty really quickly.


The problem with carpets that most people face is that they get stained pretty easily. When there are stains on your carpets they look really bad. A lot of people destroy the whole look of their carpets by cleaning it themselves. You may cause more damage to the carpets when you use harsh chemicals to cleanand get rid of the stains. So, what can you do then? The best thing to do would be to take the help of the professional cleaners.


There are many carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning companies that you can find. However, the Chem-Dry Ottawa is the best carpet cleaning company that you can come across. They offer their professional carpet cleaning and other services at a very reasonable rate. They are famous for their customer service as well as their quality cleaning service. They will use the latest cleaning methods to make your carpets and area rugs stain free and fresh.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your carpets and area rugs clean from this company and enjoy cleaner and fresher carpets. You will never turn to any other professional carpet cleaners.

Home maintenance tips to brighten up your space

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Is your home in need of a makeover? Is it looking a little gray and boring? Could it do with some brightening up? If so, don’t despair – help is at hand in the form of these clever, money-saving tips that are sure to bring new vigor and energy into any home.

Few people can afford to start knocking walls down or purchasing new furniture sets. However, even something as simple as a new set of drapes for the living room can radically transform the ambience of the living space, and you don’t have to spend a fortune.

A fresh coat of paint

Repainting a room really can make it feel like a whole new space. Try adding a bright feature wall to the boring white walls of your living room, or even adding some color to a kitchen or dining room. If you don’t feel like repainting entire rooms, consider repainting dining room chair sets or kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen makeover

The doors to kitchen cabinets and cupboards start to show signs of wear and tear far more quickly than the cabinets themselves, and people often replace their entire kitchen cabinetry needlessly when they could simply have purchased new doors. Unless your kitchen was custom-built, most cabinet doors come in standard sizes, and replacing them will cost far less than a whole new unit. Your cupboards will get a new lease of life with new doors that will not only be brighter but will be brought right up-to-date with modern design trends.

New upholstery

Similarly, it is not always necessary to buy a new sofa or a new dining suite: reupholstering lounge and dining room furniture in bold, bright patterns and colors can bring much needed splashes of color to even the most conservative of rooms. If reupholstering your sofa seems like a very complicated task, fitted sofa covers are now available to fit most standard sizes, which are extremely practical as they can be removed and machine washed.

Carpet cleaning

Carpets can become so stained and grimy that their original color and pattern can be hard to detect underneath all the dog hairs, ground-in dirt and general wear. Do it yourself or get a professional company such as Ottawa Carpet Cleaning to do the job for you – you’ll be surprised by the effect a clean carpet will have.

New drapes

Invest in some new drapes for the living room or bedrooms – or even consider updating to blinds or wooden shutters, which can add a cleaner look and are very contemporary. Remember that a bright room does not need to be filled with bold colors or patterns – a clean, fresh look can be obtained by optimizing the flow of natural light – and here, blinds can make a real difference.

Anyone can brighten up their home, whatever the budget. Rooms and living spaces can be transformed over the space of a weekend with a few choice design ideas and a surprisingly small amount of effort.

Tips for Maintaining Your Valuable Area Rugs

Friday, November 7th, 2014

A good, well-cleaned area rug can be used as a valuable accessory in your home. It can be used as a welcome mat, a cozy spot or as a focal point. They not only enhance the atmosphere and environment in your house, but it also tells a whole lot about the owner. They can affect the perspective of what people think about you.

A clean, well look-after, well maintained area rug can leave a positive impression. Rugs are an investment for most home-owners. Thus, it is always recommended that people should be cautious and well informed when choosing a Quality, Reputable area rug cleaner.


Rugs too are an investment for most homes. Rugs are often a tricky item to clean – in fact, many can be fragile. Therefore, if you were to have the rugs cleaned in a careless manner, or by an in-experienced person, the results could be devastating. Your rug may be stretched, mis-shapened, or they may experience dye-colour transfer, be over-saturated and possibly be left with a sometimes permanent moldy, musty odour. No so with Ottawa Chem-Dry Carpet & Upholstery cleaning.


Hiring experts to do the job will make things easier than you would expect. The area rug cleanings we deliver are quality services well-deserving of your money. These Ottawa carpet cleaners specialize in cleaning and treating various kinds of rugs including, but not limited to: Indian, Chinese and other Oriental & Wool & Wool/Silk blend carpets. These delicate wools and silks require experienced, knowledgeable skilled technicians to clean them carefully and properly.


Our Company will ensure that a pleasant and worry-free transaction takes place. Quality service is standard for Chem-Dry Ottawa. Once you have experienced their work, you’ll depend on us as your Ottawa carpet cleaners to make your rugs look more presentable. As a matter of fact, often times, they are able to make them look close to brand new once again. Our area rug cleaning will amaze you.


While we do provide the vast majority of our services in-home, pickup and delivery are available. Additionally, we offer roll and re-lay for larger rugs which may be difficult for you to do on your own. Once you accept Our services, our technicians will be pleased to apply stain resistance protection if you wish. Our area rug cleaning in Ottawa is the best there is.


The chore will be over before you know it. Relax your time is your own when Chem-Dry Ottawa’s professionals provide their services – you no longer have to worry about trying to perform this energy-consuming task yourselves. We provide a pleasant cleaning experience.

My Carpets Look almost Like Brand New! | eBusiness Tips

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

You’ve spent all your money and yet, you did not receive your expected total and complete carpet cleaning service? This is like throwing away your money or paying someone who does only does half of the job. This is irritating & infuriating. That is why you must insist that with carpet cleaners; the technicians, equipment and the product & materials used are of the best quality. Carpet cleaners have devised several techniques in encountering different situations based on their clients’ requirements and requests.

Relationships and Bonds

One way to gain one-hundred percent quality service or higher service quality from your carpet cleaners lies within the relationships between the company and its customers. Many companies believe it can be difficult to gain the trust of the customers, but, in reality it becomes simple when you provide a quality carpet cleaning service from the initial contact with the customer when placing their order to the quality completion of the job. One of the first signs that you are dealing with a quality carpet cleaners is the type of services they actually provide. For instance: the carpet cleaning company accommodating their client’s requests for availability and the accurate and timely arrival of the technicians to the customer’s location. By completing these first few steps the quality of the Carpet Cleaning company is Established and a great first impression is created.

This results in a the Carpet Cleaning company having a good reputation. Always address every need for each client when it comes to your customers’ requests. Furthermore, address and accommodate the priority of the customer requests to have their carpet cleaned. Secondly, the devices, materials, tools, equipment, and products used should also be of top notch quality and efficiency. Utilizing quality materials, products and procedures will also reflect quality workmanship and a wonderful results for the customers. This all links back to the customer’s satisfaction and the quality rating they provide back to the carpet cleaning company.

Go for Gold!

Another way to become and remain a top quality carpet cleaner is to accept and take note when your company receives the praises and compliments from their respective customers. Customers’ suggestions and points of improvements should be taken seriously and should be incorporated into the company’s policies and procedures which, in turn, helps the company correct, improve and enhance their work, quality assurance and efficiency. Providing the service in a timely fashion and listening and attending to the details of the customer’s requests can certainly confirm your carpet cleaning company as a quality service. Third, the quality and restoration results from the equipment, tools, and products used upon providing the carpet cleaning service and achieving the best possible finish reinforces and maintains the reputation of the company as a successful, quality carpet cleaner. Customers will then be repeat customers and recommend your quality carpet cleaning services to family, friends and others.

Moreover, the safety of the solutions and materials used by the machines and tools in cleaning the carpet should also be safe and secure for the customers and their families, friends, employees including children and pets. Proper care of the carpet provides one-hundred percent problem-free situations to the quality carpet cleaners. Using advanced technology can also make the job faster, this, again, results in the satisfaction of the customer. Lastly, after the cleaning, comes the drying time This common question has always been arising when it comes to the last part of the cleaning process.

Customers really worry on how long it will take their carpets and area rugs to dry. Will it dry quickly? Or will it take some time before they can safely be positioned back again on their halls and floors? Quality carpet cleaners use high-grade solutions and materials that are effective yet quickly dry within a couple of hours. In this way, a quality cleaning company can have you, your family, or your employees return to their normal everyday functions in the shortest possible time. Therefore, whenever you are researching a carpet cleaning company, be certain to always check your carpet cleaning company’s reputation, their knowledge, techniques, and especially their past credentials as Carpet Cleaning Ottawa.


The Problems With Steam Cleaning

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014


When you want to get the best possible results for rug cleaning Ottawa homeowners have a number of options, including steam cleaning. The process of called steam cleaning may actually not be steam at all, but very hot water with chemicals added. If there is true steaming, it can have negative effects on some carpet fibers. The chemicals added to the water may leave residue in the carpeting and rug fibers. Here are some of the problems associated with steam carpet cleaning.


It can take a long time for moisture laden carpet to fully dry. In fact, the carpet fibers and underlying pad can still be damp after forty-eight hours. In most homes, staying off of carpeted surfaces for two days can create problems for traffic within the home.  If you have a carpeted hallway, for example that leads to the bedrooms or bathrooms, you are likely to have to walk on wet carpet.


Any pets will not recognize that staying out of a specific area is important. This can create even more traffic over damp carpet. Not only will you have your furry friends walking on the carpet that was just cleaned, but you will probably have to go after them in order to herd them back to safe and dry territory.


Every step on damp carpeting mashes down the fibers. When you are trying to refresh your tired carpet fibers, stepping on them will have the opposite effect. Wet carpet, like web hair is likely to be flat and limp. Carpets that are compressed while wet will not spring back as easily.


Another problem with using steam cleaning techniques is that the pressure of the water and steam can actually force dirt and debris deeper into the fibers and carpet backing. You are not removing the dirt, you are just forcing it downward rather than extracting it. The end result is that you have dirt particles with sharp edges cutting the carpet fibers. In addition, since the underlying pad and backing is damp, the dirt is more likely to stick.


Residue from the cleaning compounds mixed with heated water means there is chemical elements which may still be trapped in the fibers and backing. These chemicals have an odor which can be allergenic. The chemical residue can be irritating to skin. If you have small children who play on the carpet, they can suffer uncomfortable or even painful skin damage.


Another problem with steam as a cleaning agent is that the moisture trapped in the carpet fibers and backing can contribute to the growth of mold and mildew. This quickly creates health hazards in humans and pets in the home. Mold and mildew smells bad as well.


Instead of using steam in your next efforts to remove carpet stains and improve the cleanliness of your entire carpet, consider using Chem-Dry professionals instead. They are in and out of the home quickly and the carpet dries within an hour or two. The products used are non-allergenic so safe for children and pets.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

If you are one of those homeowners who believes that cleaning the carpet will damage the fibers, you may be surprised to learn that regular cleaning will actually extend the life of your expensive carpeting, area rugs and even upholstered furniture. It’s important to realize that you should not expect this kind of results from most rental units or home shampooers. The services offered by Chemdry® carpet cleaning are the kind of quality that will pay off in years of usable carpeting life.


The purpose of carpet cleaning is to get rid of the particles of dirt that can cut the fibers themselves. Dirt particles are sharp edged and can be very abrasive. In addition, there are other substances that work their way into the fibers over time, unless there is regular cleaning taking place. Vacuuming is important to remove loose debris and dirt particles, but even a top quality vacuum will not pick up ground in dirt or any tacky dirt.


Regular cleaning, according to independent studies show that a Chem-Dry cleaned carpet, rug, or upholstery will stay cleaner longer than when it was first laid. You may wonder how this could be so. The professional cleaning process removes any unwanted finishing solutions that may be left during installation or in the manufacturing process.


Deciding how often to obtain professional cleaning depends upon several factors. The number of people in the household, whether or not there are smokers in the building and the number of pets if any who are part of the home are key elements. Each home should be cleaned no less often than once yearly. Even if the home is empty and there is no traffic, there will be some amount of dust and similar contaminants that form a covering on the carpeting.


When the home has only one or two residents and no pets, an annual cleaning is probably adequate. This assumes that no one in the home is a smoker. It is also expected that there will be regular vacuuming using a top quality machine. Attention will be paid to spots, stains and spills quickly.


If there are one or two smokers in the home, or if there are pets  or children residing there, a cleaning schedule of every nine months is appropriate. The nine month schedule fits well with the season, so that special emphasis is given to each season every fourth year. The type of dirt that may be present in a carpet is different in winter months than in the summertime.


A cleaning schedule every six months is appropriate if you have multiple smokers and kids in the residence. The same schedule is appropriate if there are pets and children living in the home. A three month schedule should be followed if your residence has smokers and children and pets.


If you live in the Ottawa area, a Chemdry® carpet cleaner service has the knowledge and ability to get the regular cleaning done quickly and satisfactorily. There is peace of mind knowing that you are doing everything possible to protect the investment in floor coverings and upholstery.


Carpet Cleaning Basics

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Carpet cleaning is regular maintenance in any carpeted living area. Carpet cleaners come in a many different ranges, such as chemical carpet cleaners, steam cleaning and simply vacuuming. It remove stains, dirt, and allergens, making for a cleaner and healthier home. New technologies, such as the Chem-Dry method, are more environmentally friendly and efficient than older technologies, such as steam cleaning, and definitely a lot less back breaking than shampooing.


Steam cleaning is simply using hot water, often riddled with chemicals, to extract dirt from the carpet. Heated water is most often sprayed, not steam, as actual steam can damage the carpet itself, by shrinking the fibers, if the temperatures get too high.  Plus, it can take several hours to dry, up to an entire full day! This is called hot water extraction. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning dries in 1-2 hours and is safe and uses no toxic chemicals, leaving no residue. Steam cleaning often leaves a lot of water behind in the carpet and mold growth can occur.


The Chem-Dry method leaves the carpet cleaner, it’s safer, and more environmentally friendly than steam cleaning or hot water extraction. Some tips involve:

-Vacuuming regularly so that dirt doesn’t build up and end up harder to remove.

-Don’t walk on the carpet in dirty shoes, socks, or bare feet. Prevent the carpet from getting dirty as much as you can, so there is less build up to clean later on.

-Stains are not easier to get out of the carpet later on, they sink deeper and last longer unless you immediately treat by carpet cleaning.

-Professional carpet cleaners (technicians) can assess and discuss the best methods for removing dirt and grind from the carpet.

-Upholstery has to be treated too, and often the same way as carpet.

-Keep the carpet as dry as possible, so mold doesn’t grow. This is more likely in a humid area.


Chem-Dry can produce better results than steam cleaning. It is cleaner, drier and faster, using carbonated cleaning bubbles in a patented, environmentally friendly cleaning solution. Instead of pushing the dirt and other mess down into the carpet, the carbonated bubbles cause it to rise to the top of the carpet for easier removal. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning technicians are  well trained in the solution and methods, providing better results than steam cleaning, hot water extraction and shampooing. Chem-Dry increases the life of your carpet, saving you money.

Upholstery cleaning cleaners are out there as well, similar to carpet cleaners. Upholstery, like carpet, gathers the same kind of dirt, stains and allergens, causing an unhealthy living area. Chem-Dry treats upholstery as well as it treats carpet. Steam cleaning upholstery can cause mold to grow, leaves water in the fabrics, and can be intimidating to someone inexperienced. You can immediately use the upholstery or walk on the carpet after Chem-Dry has been used, but after steam cleaning or hot water extraction, you have to wait up to 24 hours or else you’ll make a mess of what you just cleaned.

6 Costly Misconceptions About Carpet Cleaning

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Misconception #1

You should wait as long as possible before cleaning your carpets.

This is not true.  Dirt is an abrasive, just like sandpaper.  Every time you step on the carpet you grind dirt into your fibres.  This cuts your carpet, just as if you had used a knife causing it to wear out faster.  A dirty carpet will not last nearly as long as a clean carpet.  Regular vacuuming is important but it can’t remove any tacky or embedded dirt.  The longer you wait to have your carpets cleaned, the more damage you do to your carpet, and the faster it will wear out.

Misconception #2

The only reason to clean carpets is to remove dirt.

Although improving and maintaining the appearance of your carpets and upholstery is the main reason why most people have them cleaned, there are other important factors to consider.  Environmental pollutants can build up in fabrics at an alarming rate, especially in carpets. The range of contaminants can be vast including; lawn fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, cooking vapors, tobacco smoke, food crumbs, beverage spills, hair, dead skin cells, pollen and insect remains to name a few all of which provide a food source for harmfull micro-orgainisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, dust mites and mold.  If you or your family suffer from allergies, asthmas, emphysema or other breathing problems another reason to clean your carpets is to remove these contaminants.

Misconception #3

Having equipment is all a company needs to clean your carpets properly.

Many companies own hot water cleaners, but a large number of employees don’t know how to use them.  You probably know someone who bought the newest computer on the market, but didn’t know how to use it.  The same is true with carpet cleaning machines.  The company may own good equipment, but the employees may not know how to use it correctly.  That is why it’s important that you choose your carpet cleaner carefully.

At Chem-Dry, all our carpet cleaning technicians must undergo an intensive training program called Chem-College.  The carpet technician must earn the certification through study, experience and the successful completion of a formal written examination.  Technicians who pass Chem-College have, in effect, earned a degree in carpet cleaning.

Misconception #4

One method of carpet cleaning is as good as another.

You can choose from a variety of different methods. The following will help you choose the one that meets your specific objectives.